Kinisis Progen is a 3rd generation dietary supplement. What does this mean? Imagine a 1996 mobile phone and a 2021 mobile phone. The same, if not greater, progress has been made in the evolution of supplementation technology. But the most important thing is that whatever dietary supplement was available until now, was only for a part of the joint.

Kinisis Progen is the only one that acts on all parts of the joint, as it enriches the synovial fluid, increases the thickness of the cartilage and strengthens muscles, tendons and ligaments.

And all these can be achieved thanks to its innovative composition.

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Hyaluronic acid and chondroitin sulfate complex

HC15 Patented set
hyaluronic acid and chondroitin sulfate

  • Enriches synovial fluid
  • Ensures its quality and stability
    synovial fluid

Bioactive collagen peptides

  • They activate the articular cartilage to synthesize new collagen
  • They improve the function of the joints and muscles by offering better mobility and reduction of pain

Ursolic acid

  • Promotes the development of muscle mass and strength, offering strength and flexibility to the muscle fiber
  • Strengthens ligaments and tendons

Vitamin C

  • It catalyzes enzymatically the biochemical reactions that lead to the synthesis of collagen by the body itself
  • Shows anti-inflammatory action, while protecting the body from free radicals
  • Helps absorb the active ingredients of the product