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Because for the first time in Greece, a dietary supplement offers a holistic approach to the problems of the musculoskeletal system.

It is the only dietary supplement that strengthens muscles, joints, tendons and ligaments and reduces the recovery time from injuries.

It is a 3rd generation dietary supplement! Whatever dietary supplement was available until now, it was ONLY for the joints. Kinisis Progen is the only one that works on all parts of the joint.

Kinisis Progen acts holistically on the joint, enriching the synovial fluid, increasing the thickness of the cartilage and strengthening the muscles and ligaments.

Kinisis Progen acts holistically on the joint, enriching the synovial fluid, increasing the thickness of the cartilage and strengthening the muscles and ligaments. Specifically:

  • Enriches synovial fluid (complex of chondroitin sulfate with hyaluronic acid)
    Increases cartilage thickness and elasticity (bioactive collagen peptides)
    Boosts muscle mass and strength (ursolic acid)
    Offers antioxidant & anti-inflammatory action (ursolic acid & vitamin C)

What are the most common musculoskeletal injuries and how does KINISIS PROGEN helps?


Kinisis Progen:

  • Enriches synovial fluid
    Strengthens the body muscle mass
    Increases the thickness and elasticity of cartilage
    Offers antioxidant and anti-inflammatory action
    Accelerates the recovery time after surgeries and injuries of the musculoskeletal system

Very fast. Most people who use it have seen visible results within the first 2-3 weeks of using Kinisis Progen, before the first box is even filled. The pain has been significantly reduced, the movement and flexibility have been significantly improved and the muscularity has been stimulated. This does not mean, however, that each person will have the same results at the same time, as each case is unique. However, according to many studies, the results are maximized after 4 months of use.

Of course! Kinisis Progen can be taken as part of a balanced diet with vitamins, healthy foods and other dietary supplements or medications. Kinisis Progen in combination with Collagen pro-active can have great results for joint and muscle health, as well as for glowing skin, strong hair and strong nails. However, you must be careful with the overall intake of preparations. If you are not sure, consult your doctor or pharmacist or contact our company.

The superiority of the oral form is non-negotiable, as:

-It achieves maximum absorption, something that no pill can achieve
-It has 10 times – 20 times the content of active substances from any pill. We can not put a large dose of active substance in any pill, unlike the oral form that we can. This means that we would need 10 – 20 pills on the market to get the same amount of active ingredients that we take with just 1 dose of Kinisis Progen.
-It is much friendlier to the stomach of our body, since no special effort is required to refine it.
-In oral form the body metabolizes it and derives it without getting tired
-It is much cheaper than any package of pills, in terms of the amount of active ingredients that our body receives.

The suggested use for maximizing results in athletes and in cases of degenerative diseases is 4 months in a row, 2 months off, 2 times a year. In cases of injuries and surgeries in the musculoskeletal system, it is recommended to use until the end of recovery for faster recovery. Nevertheless, its results are obvious from the first 2-3 weeks

-In cases of injuries and surgeries in the musculoskeletal system, for faster recovery
– For athletes or just regular exercise, both for better performance and for injury prevention
-In cases of degenerative diseases (osteoarthritis, sarcopenia, etc.) that cause joint pain, loss of muscle mass, affecting our movement and support.
– In cases where the exhausting daily routine strains the body and affects the musculoskeletal system
-Those who are overweight, as a result of which their body is strained

Because the 3rd generation dietary supplement is the most innovative in the technology of dietary supplements. Imagine a TV from 1980 with a TV from 2017. Exactly the same, if not greater, progress has been made in the evolution of supplementation technology. That is why our company is so proud to have a 3rd generation food supplement.

One dose daily (1 sachet). The package includes 30 sachets – ie 30 daily doses.

Kinisis Progen has a green apple flavor. Try it and you will be fascinated.

Empty the content of a sachet into a bit of water and shake well. It is recommended to take Kinisis Progen 30 minutes before bedtime, as during sleep the ability of the body to absorb nutrients increases.

Of course. Kinisis Progen has all the necessary approvals and has been notified to the AEO as required by the law on dietary supplements.

Αρ. Γν. ΕΟΦ 88905/16-11-2016

Kinisis Progen can be taken without fear by anyone. As with all dietary supplements, its use is not recommended: In the acute phase of any disease, in pregnancy and lactation and in patients with renal insufficiency and cirrhosis of the liver

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